Setting Up Your Inhouse SEO Team

As you assemble your team, you’ll want to get their buy in on learning SEO. It isn’t rocket science, but it’s also not something you’ll learn in a day. First, they’ll need to learn the basics. Second, they’ll need to learn many of the more esoteric topics as needed.

Content writers, for example, will need to be keenly aware of keywords and how to write semantically friendly SEO text.

Web programmers will need to understand XML sitemaps and so on. Third, they’ll need to be committed to lifelong learning, as SEO changes over time. A good strategy is to schedule monthly meetings or corporate email exchanges about your SEO progress. Let’s also talk a little about measurement and metrics. One of the biggest stumbling blocks to successful SEO is the idea that it can’t be measured. It can. How so? Know your keywords. Once you know your keywords, you can start to measure your rank on target Google searches. Inbound search traffic.

Once you set up Google Analytics properly, you can measure your inbound “organic” traffic from Google, including some data on inbound keywords. You’ll learn how people get to your website, and what they do once they get there.


Every good website should have defined goals, usually registrations and/ or sales. Once you define goals in Google Analytics, you can track what traffic converts to a sale, and what doesn’t. (Then you can brainstorm ways to improve it). When you first start, you’ll often have little idea of your target keywords, little idea of your rank on Google, and little idea of your traffic patterns from landings to conversions. But that doesn’t mean SEO isn’t a measurable activity! It just means you are not yet measuring.

Why is this important?

As you set up your team, and establish the right attitude, you want to establish the idea that SEO is measurable. If someone has crazy ideas (such as Google doesn’t pay attention to URL structure, or keywords don’t matter), you can measure these ideas vs. correct ideas (that keywords in TITLE tags do matter a great deal, keyword-heavy URL’s help a lot). Establishing a culture of measurability will help you get everyone on your team, even the most recalcitrant “Can’t Do” people to realize that SEO works, and SEO can get your website to actually generate sales or sales leads.